A multidisciplinary designer focused on delivering great ideas.

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What I Offer —

  1. Product Design
  2. Prototyping
  3. Identity Systems
  4. Art Direction
  5. User Experience Strategy

— Fueled by coffee and a passion for design I partner with designers, developers, and product managers to create digital products for today’s growing businesses.

— Design keeps me curious, flexible, and open to new ideas. It might be about building a new micro-interaction or a different way to think about team processes. It doesn’t matter. For me, every project offers a myriad of opportunities to learn more and to create something unique and remarkable. Every day I find more to learn.

— But what I’ve discovered most is that if you want to build great experiences a designer needs to move away from the “page” and into areas that are less easily categorized. Every user interaction is part of a larger system or workflow. Invisible forces – motivations, rules, limits, and feedback loops – are determining factors for success. I like to expose these underlying dynamics to build exceptional user experiences.

— My skills encompass product design, prototyping, mobile design, front-end development, art direction, branding, and team leadership. I’m interested in clean aesthetics, minimalism, illustration, and animation.

— Now, with over 15 years of experience as a designer and art director, I’m still driven by the love to create work that inspires, delights, and engages users. I’m currently working today as a Visual Designer at General Motors.